First you have to look into the nature of your own anger, despair and suffering to free yourself so you can be available to others.
— Thich Nhat Hanh
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For more than 15 years, Tamra Solvès has been assisting individuals, couples, young adults, and families gain clarity in their personal life, relationships, and career. She also consults with businesses and companies to help improve communication, cooperation, productivity, and synergy in the workplace.  

Tamra holds numerous certificates in several modalities, including coaching, counseling, and energy, and has extensive knowledge in the holistic and metaphysical fields. She has facilitated a certified life coaching course alongside Dr. Carolyn Porter in Atlanta, Georgia, and assisted Charmaine Taylor in the planning, organization, and opening of a holistic center in Roswell, Georgia - The Open Mind Center.

She has extensive corporate knowledge - working 25+ years as a paralegal and legal assistant in the U.S. legal system. This experience aids her when consulting with businesses and companies.  

In 2009, Tamra moved from the U.S. to the South of France. Now, with an an international clientele, she performs sessions all over the world via Skype, Zoom, phone, or in-person if you live on the Cote d'Azur / French Riviera.  

Tamra’s philosophy is that the connection with your inner self is what determines the quality of your existence. She believes that the more you know and understand yourself, the better your relationship will be with others.   

If you feel you would benefit from one of Tamra's services, please contact her today to arrange a consultation. 

Please Note: Consultations, guidance, coaching & holistic counseling do not target psychological illnesses! The difference between a Professional Psychologist/Therapist ("Professional Therapist") and a Coach/Holistic Counselor ("Coach") is that Coach's strive for awareness of the past, but encourage acceptance, release & movement to live in the present. A licensed Professional Therapist, however, tries to uncover the past, detect potential pathology, and examines and reveals deep emotional traumas. Sessions are usually extensive and require much more psychological inquiry.

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