First you have to look into the nature of your own anger, despair and suffering to free yourself so you can be available to others.
— Thich Nhat Hanh
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Tamra Solvés is the owner and creator of Awareness Speaks. For over 15 years she has been healing, coaching, facilitating and teaching personal development and emotional well-being through self-awareness and conscious living. She inspires and motivates those who want to make the shift from passive to active in the creation of their own life, and provides the clarity, focus, and positive momentum to do so.

Her philosophy is that we shape our own realities from both our conscious and unconscious self. Getting to know yourself, spending time acknowledging your emotional triggers, and exploring the root of your fears and insecurities will help unpack the hidden forces in your life so you are able to access your authentic power.

She believes that when you see yourself clearly you:

  • feel more confident;

  • make conscious and wise decisions;

  • attract healthy and lasting relationships and friendships;

  • communicate more effectively;

  • create balance within the family unit;

  • recognize passions;

  • discover the right career path; and

  • begin to heal the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Insights & Accomplishments

Tamra also has extensive corporate experience - working 25+ years as a paralegal and legal assistant in the U.S. legal system. She eventually made the move to professional life coaching and holistic health when she became passionate about working in a field that promotes self-awareness and healing.

Her certifications include:

  • Life Skills Coaching

  • Life Skills Public Speaking

  • Counselor for Healers

  • Energy Healing Practitioner

Other Accomplishments

  • developed and incorporated TLD Coaching, LLC (2003);

  • facilitated a Life Coaching certification course with Dr. Carolyn Porter (2005);

  • assisted Charmaine Taylor in the planning, organization and opening of her new holistic center in Roswell, Georgia (The Open Mind Center) (2008);   

  • created Meetup Group TLD Personal Development-Riviera (2013); and

  • formed and established Awareness Speaks & Awareness Now

Tamra has an international clientele and offers services to individuals, couples, families and groups via telephone, Skype, Zoom or in-person.