Welcome to Awareness Speaks

Coaching and Counselling integrating Astrology & Numerology

Individuals - Relationships - Family - Groups - Human Resources - Team Building


develop self-understanding

deal more consciously with everyday interactions

communicate more effectively in all areas of your life

accept and understand different personalities within the workplace

create cooperation within the workplace

bring understanding and balance to an existing relationship

assist with dating compatible partners

The benefits of self-awareness coaching extend far beyond the relationship you enjoy with yourself, it provides the tools to bring about a dramatic improvement in the way you interact with and relate to others.

Relationship and Dating Coaching helps to bring awareness and improvement to your approach and behavior in relationships and dating.

Family Awareness Coaching opens the door to understanding your child on a deeper level.  Astrology and Numerology are ways to look into your child's natural characteristics, potentials, personality and life cycles.

Group Growth is a dialogue between peers.  It is a shared learning environment which promotes emotional clarity, self-awareness and personal development.     

Astrology Consultations help you to seize opportunities as well as meet life’s challenges. It can assist you in navigating through the more challenging periods in life while understanding and integrating the lessons you’re intended to learn.

Numerology consultations help you to understand your Life Path and Destiny. It describes where you need to focus your energy and what you need to learn to get you to your Destiny (your full birth name.)

Energy Healing Therapy is an alternative therapy that aims to create a state of balance. If you are stressed, anxious or physically drained, an energy healing session can help you to relax, obtain more balance, and feel rejuvenated.