Lynn - Valbonne, France  "Attending a retreat facilitated by Tammy is an extraordinary experience.  Her quiet, thoughtful manner belies her depth of knowing.  As a long-term student of Eckhart Tolle, she is able to bring profound insights into her own teachings. This coupled with her innate healing abilities and expertise in both Astrology and Numerology forms a powerful and unique synergy I haven't experienced in any other retreat I have attended. I am happy to recommend her classes to anyone looking for a shift in consciousness."

Christine - Antibes  -"I recently completed a 3-day cleansing and healing retreat with Tammy. Even though I was anxious the first day, I soon felt comfortable with the group and Tammy’s leadership. As it was my first retreat, I didn't know what to expect, however, I went in with an open-mind and I was pleasantly shocked at how much I got out of it.  The changes in myself have been amazing for me, and I have already put into practice some of the techniques taught by Tammy which are helping my relationship with my partner.  I found her to be intuitive, professional, honest, caring, spiritual, and very accurate with her astrology.   Tammy has a gift and she is happy to share it with you."  

Lois - Mougins, France - "I have worked with a number of energy healers and Tammy established a level of trust so quickly that I was able to do extremely deep work in our very first session.  She made me feel held and safe in order to explore parts of me that had stayed hidden and protected for a very long time.  She helped me to release old, stuck, negative energy and to open my heart in a way that allowed so much more light in my body. Tammy was able to hold space for me to have a transformative experience.  She is a delight to work with."

SAZ - Atlanta, GA - "I received quite a few sessions from Tammy, and her sessions are unimaginable! She is so multi-talented and uses her instincts and abilities to do whatever is required at the time for each individual - no session is ever the same!  I have received mentoring as well as energy healing from her.  I mentioned to her about my abdominal issues that I have had for years and she asked if I would like an energy session with her.  What I received from her was cooling and calming, and had immediate relief.  From this session my abdominal issues began to diminish, and my stomach is way less irritated than before. What makes Tammy unique is that she incorporates her mentoring, teaching, astrology and numerology into her sessions - it's like you're getting 4 sessions for the price of one. She has helped me tremendously in regards to relationships and self improvement.  She has provided me with a more well-rounded knowledge of myself and how I interact with others.  If you would like any transformation in your life, I highly recommend Tammy as she guides and empowers you in a way that is unique."   

Jonathan  - Nice, France - "I had several healing treatments with Tammy.  Due to a prostate operation and resulting effects, I called upon Tammy to come and help me heal after this operation. She connects her energy to angels and higher source to the maximum effect.  Lying on her comfortable transportable table it was very easy for me to relax and almost fall asleep as she stood over me, moving her hands (which were usually warm and powerful)  in numerous directions, and to different areas of my body.  For about an hour, with no specific time limit, she circled around me, breathing and touching my shoulders and legs and waist discretely and I could feel the energy that was coming from her hands.  Afterwards, I felt completely relaxed and energized.  I believe that she helped along the healing process of my prostate surgery because the day after every session I would experience a release of old blood that I believe was leftover from the rather invasive operation.  I am very grateful to her and her method.


Dr. Carolyn Porter, Author, Speaker, Life & Health Restoration Coach, Owner of Where Miracles Happen Healing Center, Atlanta, Georgia - "Tammy participated in and completed my Life Skills Coaching Training and later assisted me as a certified coach in one of my trainings.  It was quickly obvious that she had found her passion with coaching, and that her heart was genuinely attuned to the issues and needs of the individuals she coached. I felt honored and blessed to have her part of my trainings."

Wanda Lasseter Lundy, Intuitive Healer, Mentor and Teacher, Falls Church, Virginia -"I am an intuitive healer, mentor and teacher who has performed over 40,000 intuitive healing sessions and taught over 856 classes.  I am also the Founder and CEO of EnergyMasters Institute, and Founder and Senior Minister of Rays of Healing Church which has 5 locations.  Tammy has been my student and mentoree since 2001, as well as one of the first members of Rays of Healing when it began.  I found her to be very intuitive and insightful, a great coach, filled with love and called to be of service to humankind.  Tammy has the instincts of a healer."  

Victoria Ritchie, M.A., spiritual editor to Eckhart Tolle, Counselor and Workshop Facilitator - "I had the pleasure to work closely with Tammy as she organised Eckhart Tolle and Astrology workshops for me to present in Antibes, France.  I was very pleased with her professionalism, commitment, enthusiasm and meticulous organisation.  Not only was she creative and visionary in her ideas, but she also had impeccable follow-up and took care of all the details. Finally, her affable personality and readiness to laugh at things were cherries on the cake.  I would work with her any time for all the knowledge, kindness, expertise and hands-on care she offers."

S. Smith, Atlanta, GA -"Tammy has helped me over the last few years in coaching me in many areas of my life.  Specifically, when I was thinking of relocating back to my home town to help take care of my parents.  Even though she was totally supportive, she continuously told me that if things don't fall into place easily then they many not be meant to happen.  Also, she repeatedly told me that she thought there was something else that was gong to happen for me and that may be why thing are not falling into place.  Well, she was absolutely right because I land the job I wanted for years.   Further, she has been an excellent resource as it relates to my mother's illness (Alzheimer) as her personal life experiences have proven to be invaluable to me during this very trying time.  I really appreciated her guidance and what she has done for me."

JoAnn H. - Atlanta, GA -"Tammy's guidance in my life has been a godsend.  I went through cancer and chemo and during that time of my life she provided to me courage and insight that helped me copes during the 9 months of my pain and recovery.  Tammy is a very caring person who truly listens to your problems and always responds in a way where you walk away feeling like talking to her made a difference.  She's a mature woman who really tries to get down to what's going on in your life so she can help."

Leanne H. - New York, NY -"Tammy has helped me so much during some hard times.  She has been there for me.  She has many insights to offer as well as a wise perspective.  I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a bridge when trying to weather through rough and troubled waters.  She is also simply one of the best listeners I have ever met. A very giving soul." 


Pat M. - Cocoa Beach, FL - "I can't begin to tell you how invaluable Tammy was to me during some rough times I was having.  Tammy has such a comforting way about her that not only do you feel that you are 'not in it alone', but your anxiety over the situation is relieved.  She makes you feel comfortable and safe speaking about your problems, like a friend rather than a coach. Tammy truly has a gift. You won't be disappointed." 

Joyce, Atlanta, GA -"Tammy has helped me by confirming many of the things I have been feeling and given me more confidence in the choices I've made and my life's direction. I most value her personal insights and wisdom.  I have a lot of trust in her viewpoints -- they just ring true."

 Stephanie - Atlanta, GA -"Tammy is awesome!!  She is intuitive and sensitive, which are her best assets. Whenever I am having problems and talk to Tammy, I always feel better...like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I believe Tammy is gifted and possesses an exceptional grasp of the spiritual realm.  She is totally worth your time and effort.  You will not regret it." 


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