It is our intention to be affordable.

                                                                                        RATE €/$  

  1. Astrology & Numerology personality and transit consultation 125         

  2. Astrology and Numerology 1-year transit consultation 85         

  3. One-on-one awareness/relationship session 65         

  4. Couples or Family session 125         

  5. Energy Therapy session 60    

Groups and Corporate rates: Please inquire


  1. Three awareness/relationship sessions 185

  2. Six awareness/relationship sessions 285

  3. Three energy therapy sessions 155

  4. Six energy therapy sessions 265

Additional Travel Fee of 20€ for home visits

Readings and Sessions via Skype - Phone - In Person (French Riviera)

Secure online payments are made through Paypal or TransferWise

For Skype and Phone sessions, an email will be sent with Payment instructions after Request Form is received.

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