Relationship & Dating Clarity

Relationship and Dating Clarity begins with YOU.  

    Relationship and Dating Clarity sessions aim to empower you to take the necessary steps to release relationship(s) that no longer serve you, heal from relationship breakup(s), and attract the right relationship for you.  

    Unconsciously, many people cover up uncomfortable emotions in order to move on from heartbreak; they want to feel better and forget about the pain. The problem with this is - the emotions still exist.  

    A common way to deal with unpleasant emotions is to repress or ignore them.  These are unconscious coping mechanisms used to handle painful situations.  The repressed emotional energy gets buried deep within our subconscious and remains dormant until activated.  

    Emotions are like magnets: they attract like-emotions until they are transformed.  The only way to transform energy is to acknowledge it.   

    Until you take the time to self-reflect and heal, the patterns of the past will continue to haunt you.

    Ask yourself these simple questions:

    • Do I attract the same type of partners?
    • Do I feel uncomfortable being myself when on a date?
    • Do I have residual emotions from previous relationships?
    • Do I want to be with someone just to forget about someone else?
    • Do I feel comfortable being alone?
    • Do I know how to participate in a healthy relationship?

    If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then self-reflection is needed.

      Experience clarity, Gain confidence, and Change your energy.