Parent-Child-Family Awareness Coaching

What is Family Awareness Mentoring:

Family Awareness Mentoring opens the door to understanding your child on a deeper level.  Astrology and Numerology are ways to look into your child's natural characteristics, potentials, personality, possible obstacles, challenges, and life cycles.  

What are the benefits of Parent-Child-Family Awareness Mentoring?

The benefits of Family Awareness Mentoring are simple: You begin to learn how to get rid of judgment and expectations by understanding your child. It is a way to understand and connect with your child on a deeper level. To begin, ask yourself these questions:

family tug of war.jg.jpg
  • How can I best support my child's emotional needs?

  • Is my child naturally introverted/extroverted?

  • What is my child's creative potential?

  • How will my child handle conflict?

  • What kind of challenges might my child face?

  • How can I contribute to my child's uniqueness?

  • How can I learn not to project my expectations onto my child?

  • How do my energy and my child's energy interact?

Every parent would like a road map into their child's personality.Why not contribute to your child's growth by empowering him or her to be his or her unique self?

Contact Tamra Solves today to schedule a Family Awareness/Parent-Child mentoring session. She guarantees it will provide a new level of understanding.

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