Tamra's style and techniques are out of the normal scope of coaching and consulting - it is what separates her from other coaches, counselors, and consultants. Tamra integrates the ancient studies of Astrology and Numerology into her consultations. They have proven to provide a quick assessment of personality, background, circumstance, or situation, and bring clarity without having to go through several cumbersome meetings.

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These alternative methods were a personal curiosity for Tamra. Once she realized the value and benefits they had had on her personal growth, she decided to implement them into her services.

Whether you desire to expand personal awareness, improve a relationship, understand a child, discover a passion, or create a harmonious environment in the workplace, Tamra's insights have proven to be powerful, and go to the heart and core of a personality and/or situation.

Contact Tamra today if you are ready to:

  • develop self-understanding and personal awareness

  • communicate consciously in everyday interactions

  • accept and understand different personalities within the workplace

  • learn what you can and cannot control

  • identify fears (insecurities, challenges, obstacles, etc.)

  • transform feelings of fear (anxiety, rejection, betrayal, jealousy, hurt, etc.)

  • become aware of personal life cycles

  • recognize partners who are and who are not compatible

  • discover hidden desires and passions

  • gain clarity in career

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