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Our style and techniques are out of the normal scope of coaching and consulting, but it is what separates us from other coaches, counselors and consultants. We integrate the ancient studies of Astrology and Numerology into our sessions. These alternative methods were once a personal curiosity of Tamra’s but eventually made their way into the practice when she realized the value and benefits they had in her own self-development.    

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Astrology & Numerology are nothing to fear; they are useful and creative tools to help attune to a person’s energy and personality.  They provide a quick assessment of an individual's makeup, background, circumstance or a situation without having to go through several cumbersome meetings.  The emphasis in using Astrology and Numerology is not to predict the future, but to bring clarity and understanding to what may be taking place in someone’s life.  

Whether you are an individual desiring to create a shift, a couple looking to improve its relationship, a parent who would like to know more about its child, or a company whose goal is to create a harmonious environment in the workplace, our insights are powerful and go to the heart and core of a personality or situation.

  • develop self-understanding and personal awareness

  • communicate consciously in everyday interactions

  • accept and understand different personalities within the workplace

  • learn what can be controlled and what cannot be controlled

  • identify fears, insecurities, challenges, and obstacles

  • release feelings of rejection, betrayal, and jealousy

  • become aware of the different cycles in life

  • recognize partners who are and who are not compatible

  • discover hidden desires and passions

  • gain career clarity

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