Numerology:  The study of numbers and their hidden meaning and influence.

Numerology is a language that allows you to expand your awareness and opens doors in your psyche, as well as a self-help tool that allows you to cultivate your strengths, and explains how to overcome weaknesses.  It is used as a tool in the coach-counseling process to reaffirm your identity. 

Your name and date of birth are connected with our deepest inner being in a way that the rational mind cannot understand.  The intuitive mind, however, is capable of perceiving and interpreting the relationship. 

Many people confront the question: is there meaning and order to life, or is it purely a random and chaotic universe?   

If we look up at the stars and see the planets, we see an example of orderliness.  In creation, there is no randomness - a fact that is the basis for all physical sciences. The fundamental premise of Numerology is that life, and the universe as a whole, is an orderly system, and that numbers reflect that orderliness.

The numbers 1 through 9 represent archetypes - each representing a character and/or personality.   It is the character/personality of a particular number that sparks an unconscious recognition or attraction.  Just like colors reflect your inner state, numbers correspond the same way. They reveal much about your nature and the way you feel. 

Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number, and the placement of each letter in your name determines it's influence. 

There are numbers and cycles in your chart that are derived from your birth day, while others are derived from the letters of your birth name and the name you go by now.  According to Numerology, the name you were given at birth is the perfect name for you -- the name you were truly meant to have. It reveals numbers that impact your overall life and different cycles over your lifetime.

Every number suggests potential - all things have their light and dark sides.  It is the freedom of the individual to draw from the highest potential.

A personal chart reveals and offers insight into:

Name at Birth (First/Middle/Last) *
Name at Birth (First/Middle/Last)
  • various cycles,
  • opportunities,
  • how to cultivate your strengths and overcome your weaknesses;
  • possible challenges, and
  • lessons.  

By following patterns of monthly and yearly cycles of growth, it can help to plan your future so that you can take a more active role in your life.

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