• learn the hidden meaning behind your name and date of birth;

  • become aware of your Life Path and Destiny;

  • discover 9-year life cycles and long-term challenges;

  • recognize natural strengths and weaknesses

  • discover the best time to create and begin a new endeavor, start a new relationship, develop a business, travel, change careers, rest and re-evaluate your progress, start a business and end a relationship.

Is there meaning and order to life or is it purely a random and chaotic universe?  Numerology can answer those questions.

According to Numerology, the name you were given at birth is the perfect name for you -- the name you were truly meant to have. 

Your name and date of birth are connected with your deepest inner being in a way that the rational mind cannot understand.  Numbers 1 through 9 represent archetypes - each representing a character, personality trait or life cycle. It is the character/personality of a particular number that sparks an unconscious recognition or attraction. Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number, and the placement of each letter in your name and date of birth determines it's influence on your character, life cycles, challenges, and destiny.