Is there Meaning and Order to Life or Is it purely a random and chaotic universe? 

The emphasis in using Numerology is not to predict the future, but to bring clarity and understanding to what may be taking place in someone’s life .

Numerology is a language of numbers, letters, and symbols, and involves simple math. All numbers and letters carry with them a specific vibration that affects everything from our personality and character, to life cycles and our perception of life.

All numbers have a personality trait, and Numerology describes how each number's qualities alter an experience depending on where it appears, or if it appears, in our numerology chart. Our name and date of birth symbolize our deepest inner being in a way that the rational mind cannot understand.


Numerology is based on the notion that everything is connected, and that everything exists in perfect synchronicity with everything else.

What does our name have to do with Numerology? The birth name plays a crucial role in our life - it defines our destiny. The short name, our name we use when we introduce ourselves, affects the persona we give off to the world. If we change our name due to a marriage or adoption, this change will impact a part of our persona.  

What is the most influential component of Numerology? The most influential component in a Numerology chart is the Life Path number. The Life Path number is based on the birth date and stays with us throughout our life. It describes where we need to focus our energy and what we need to learn to get our Destiny.

What do the Numbers reveal about a person? The Numbers reveal a lot of about a person, but more specifically, they illustrate our character, personality traits, innate drive, pinnacle life cycles, monthly cycles, yearly cycles, challenging cycles, and natural gifts.

What are the benefits of a reading? The benefits of receiving a personalized reading aids in a better understanding of ourselves, and helps to seize opportunities and meet life’s challenges. It acts as a guide when navigating through the more difficult periods in life while acknowledging and integrating the lessons we are intended to learn.

A Numerology reading can also provide discernment into the personalities, characters, behaviors, and mindsets of people with whom we employ, live, partner, and befriend. This helps us better adapt to other’s strengths and weaknesses and avoid unnecessary conflict.

Through a shared dialogue, Tamra inspires awareness and assists in discovering the:

  • life path and destiny

  • personality and character

  • short term and long term cycles and challenges

  • strengths and weaknesses

as well as when we should focus our energy on:

  • new endeavors, independence

  • relationships, partnerships, marital issues

  • creative projects, promoting ourselves

  • foundation, business needs, endurance

  • freedom, opportunities, travel, experiences, adventure

  • responsibilities, family, home, duties

  • emotions, self-analysis, intuition, reflection, research, purpose

  • personal power, expansion, achievements, awards, business ventures

  • transformation, completion, acceptance, letting go, humanitarianism

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  • understand family behaviors, traits, connections, disconnections, or

  • develop cooperation and teamwork within a corporation or business.