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You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.
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Personality Awareness In The Workplace

Personality types are nothing new in the Workplace, but what if you knew how to manage them better?  Tamra's first-hand knowledge of an office environment is a bonus - working 25+ years in various sized law firms.

Professional Awareness Consulting is a powerful and dynamic partnership between Tamra Solvès, management, and employees.   Tamra guides, consults, and coaches administration and staff on how to work with various personality types in the Workplace. Qualifications and intuition are powerful tools when hiring someone, but what happens once they are on board?  

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  • Does their attitude change when interacting with certain people?

  • Are they diligent, cooperative, and able to communicate clearly?

  • Do they take constructive criticism well?

  • How do they process information?

  • Do they catch-on easily? Do they procrastinate?

  • Are they gossipy, know-it-alls, or challenging to manage?

  • Are they emotionally-charged, introverted or extroverted?

  • Are they reactive, dominant, submissive, or agreeable?

  • Are they fiery, earthy, airy, or watery?

Astrology and Numerology provides a quick assessment of someone's personality, character, and background, as well as if they are enduring a complicated life cycle.  

Contact Tamra today to find out how you can provide individuals, teams, and management the opportunity to understand each other better and create harmony within the Workplace.