Group Growth Facilitating

Group Growth gatherings take place monthly either online or at a location of facilitator's choice. It is a support group based on a specific subject, and the dialogue is between peers. It is set in a learning environment that promotes emotional clarity, self-awareness, and personal development.

The heart of Group Growth is the shared learning experience it offers.   As a unit, participants go through the sessions together — this sharing leads to a built-in support system.

What makes our discussions unique is the integration of Astrology and Numerology. These tools provide the facilitator a look into each person’s personality, character, communication style, relationship outlook, emotional security, and much more. It produces a group dynamic like no other.

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Participants offer each other insight and encouragement as well as potential solutions.  It is a group processing with multiple individuals simultaneously. Each participant takes a turn at being the focal point of the discussion, while the others, along with the professional facilitator, serve as a resource and support.

Groups consist of 4-6 people who are willing to participate in an exchange on a particular subject.

If you would like to join an online group, please inquire below and provide your subjects of interest. If you live in the Nice/Antibes/Cannes area and would like to be part of a group, please contact us below to learn more about monthly meetings.

Group Growth is a cost-effective way to evolve.

Contact us today to develop your own group.

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