Family Dynamics Insight

With the help of Astrology and Numerology, Family Dynamics Insight is extremely insightful and life changing.  It is not meant to replace your own judgment, nor the services of licensed professionals.  It is simply a unique tool to bring awareness.

Every parent would like a road map into their child's(rens') life path(s) and personality(ies).  From physical characteristics to health, emotional processing, emotional security, intellectual capacity, communication style, physical and mental strengths and weaknesses, creative potential, friend associations, introversion, extroversion, and possible career path(s).   Family Dynamic Consultations open the door to understanding your child(ren) on a deeper level.

It can provide answers such as:

  1.   How can I best support my child's emotional needs?
  2.   Is my child naturally introverted or extroverted?
  3.   What is my child's creative potential?
  4.   How will my child handle anger?
  5.   Does one child need more emotional attention than the other?
  6.   What kind of challenges might my child face?
  7.   What role can I play in assisting my child's growth?
  8.   How can I contribute to my child's uniqueness?
  9.   How can I learn not to project my own life challenges onto my child?  
  10.   How does my energy and my child's energy interact?
  11.   When can I expect a shift or change?  

Astrology and Numerology are ways to look into a child's natural characteristics, potential, personality and life cycles.    

Why not contribute to your child's growth by empowering him or her to be his or her unique self.