Family Dynamics Insight

Every parent would like a road map into their child's personality.  Family Dynamic Consultations open the door to understanding your child on a deeper level.

Astrology and Numerology are unique tools used to bring awareness.  They provide insight into questions such as:

  1.   How can I best support my child's emotional needs?
  2.   Is my child naturally introverted/extroverted?
  3.   What is my child's creative potential?
  4.   How will my child handle conflict?
  5.   What kind of challenges might my child face?
  6.   How can I contribute to my child's uniqueness?
  7.   How can I learn not to project my own expectations onto my child?
  8.   How does my energy and my child's energy interact?

Astrology and Numerology are ways to look into a child's natural characteristics, potential, personality and life cycles.    

Why not contribute to your child's growth by empowering him or her to be his or her unique self.