Child Awareness

Child Awareness Consulting opens the door to understanding your child on a deeper level. Astrology and Numerology are ways to look into characteristics, potentials, personality, possible obstacles, challenges, and life cycles of a child.

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The benefits of Child Awareness are simple: You begin to learn how to get rid of judgment and expectations of your child by understanding their unique personality and personal needs. It is a way to understand and connect on a deeper level.

  • How can I best support my child's emotional needs?

  • Is my child naturally introverted/extroverted?

  • What is my child's creative potential?

  • How will my child handle conflict?

  • What kind of challenges might my child face?

  • How can I contribute to my child's uniqueness?

  • How can I learn not to project my expectations onto my child?

  • How do my energy and my child's energy interact?

Everyone would like a road map into someone’s personality, especially a child’s. Why not contribute to your child’s personal growth, by empowering him or her to be his or her unique self.

If you are ready to learn more about your child, Contact Us today to schedule an initial consultation.