Is there Meaning & Order to Life or Is it purely a random and chaotic universe? 

The emphasis in using Astrology is not to predict the future, but to bring clarity and understanding to what may be taking place in someone’s life .

Astrology, in simple terms, is the language of the planets. It is the study of natural cycles, and the energy exchanged between the planets and zodiac signs. It is an ancient tradition which states that the character and destiny of human beings depend on the position of the planets at the moment of their first breath.


Astrology supports the existence of a free will and rejects superstition and fatalism. It provides an objective view of our personality and character, an awareness of our potential and talents, and an opportunity to mature emotionally and spiritually.

What do the Planets reveal about a person? Like a clock, the signs of the zodiac consist of 12 constellations. When an astrologer interprets a chart, he/she blends the personalities of a zodiac sign with the planet it is associated with and one of the 12 houses it is occupying. The planetary alignments tell a story about who we are and whom we are destined to become. It illustrates and maps out our innate personality, characteristics, possible gifts, environmental conditions, fundamental challenges/obstacles, and significant life cycles that influence us to become the individual we are meant to be.

What are the benefits of a reading? The benefits of a personalized reading aids in a better understanding of ourselves, and helps to seize opportunities and meet life’s challenges. It acts as a guide when navigating through the more difficult periods in life while acknowledging and integrating the lessons we are intended to learn.


An astrology reading can also provide discernment into the personalities, characters, behaviors, and mindsets of people with whom we employ, live, partner, and befriend. This helps us better adapt to other’s strengths and weaknesses and avoid unnecessary conflict.

Through a shared dialogue, we inspire awareness and assist in identifying:

  • strengths/weaknesses

  • personality traits and physical characteristics

  • emotional security and financial habits

  • communication style and learning abilities

  • home and family

  • creative potential, love style, children

  • organizational skills, work habits, health

  • relationships, partnerships, business compatibility

  • intimate nature, shared finances

  • learning capabilities, spiritual/religious outlook

  • long term-goals, career potential, public image

  • friends, social awareness

  • dreams, aspirations, unconscious thoughts, beliefs, spiritual nature

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  • develop personal awareness,

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  • understand family behaviors, traits, connections, disconnections, or

  • develop cooperation and teamwork within a corporation or business.